Themed Sessions

These sessions will include all the abstracts that we have accepted for oral presentations. Eight to ten themed sessions will be organized simultaneously (in parallel). Some themed sessions will have 2 hour time-slot with a maximum of six presentations while others will have 1.5 hour time-slot with a maximum of four presentations. These abstracts cover the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) given in Table 1.

Table 1: SDGs covered by abstracts accepted

SDG 2: Zero Hunger SDG 3: Good Health and Wellbeing
SDG 4: Quality Education SDG 5: Women Empowerment and Gender Equality
SDG 6: Clean Water and sanitation SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy Equality
SDG 9: industry, Innovation and Infrastructure SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production SDG 13: Climate Action
SDG 15: Life on Land SDG 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Next, we provide some examples of the themes of sessions in Table 2. Session-wise list of presentations will be provided in the final program which will be posted in the first week of September 2019. At the end of this section, we provide some examples of the diversity of background, professions, country of speakers and their presentation topics in Table 3.

Table 2: Examples of the Themes of Sessions

Themes of Sessions
1. Advancements in Climate Change Law and Policy
2. Advancing the Practice of Sustainable Procurement
3. Animating the Urban: Urban Wildlife between Encounter and Infrastructure</tdE
4. Behavioral Science and Sustainability
5. Carbon Pricing and Trading Schemes
6. Circular Economy or Circular Logic?: Revisiting the Links Between the Economy and the Environment
7. Diet for a Sustainable Planet: Working at the Intersection of Sustainable Food Systems, Pedagogy and Transformative Change
8. Eating Green: Dilemmas and Strategies for Creating a Sustainable Food System
9. Economists’ Perspectives on Sustainability Issues
10. Far Right Opposition to Environmentalism
11. Geospatial Data and Analysis for Terrestrial Ecosystem Health
12. Human Health and Wellbeing
13. Humanizing Sustainability: What Can Environmental Humanities Bring to Sustainability Thinking?
14. Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainability
15. Migration, Diversity, and Justice in Sustainable Organizations
16. Moving Toward More Sustainable Cities through Transdisciplinary Perspectives: Global North and South Outlooks
17. Natural Resource Conservation, Governance and Management
18. Ostrom’s Framework and Sustainable Resource Management
19. Plant-Based Foods and Clean Meat: Technology, Policy, Advocacy, and the Future
20. Representations of the Environment and Sustainability
21. Social, Economic, Environmental, and Policy Perspectives on Waste
22. Sustainability and Critical Disaster Studies
23. Sustainability and the Sacred
24. Sustainable Energy Systems
25. Sustainable Food Systems
26. Sustainability Reporting and Assurance
27. Transformative Learning and Sustainability
28. Towards Improved Understanding of Variability in the Water Cycle Behavior and Water Resources
29. Water Resource Governance and Management
30. Women Empowerment and Gender Equity

Table 3: Examples of the Diversity of Background, Profession, and Countries of Speakers and their Presentation Topics

No. Name and Affiliation of Author Title of Abstract
1. Bob Willard | Sustainability Advantage, Toronto, Canada Why the 17 SDGs are really (1 + 16 other)SDGs
2. Brett Caraway | University of Toronto, Canada>/td> Interrogating Amazon’s Sustainability Innovation
3. Caitlin McHose | Navigant Consulting, Toronto, Canada Actions and Words: Disclosure is a big step for corporate sustainability, but does it necessarily translate to sustainability?
4. Charles Kihia | Egerton University, Egerton, Kenya Exploring Indigenous Seascape Knowledge on Marine Biohazard: Towards Development of Sustainable Tropical Marine Biohazard Management
5. Charlotte Glennie | University of California, Davis, USA Cultivating Place: A Socio-historical Analysis of Community Garden Planning in Seattle
6. Christine Rösch | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany Transdisciplinary Research for a More Sustainable Energy System - The Case Study of Agrophotovoltaics in Germany
7. Monica DaPonte | Shift & Build, Toronto, Canada Understanding the Opportunity and State of Sustainable Procurement in Canada’s Public Sector
8. Daniel Lacroix and Nadine Ibrahim | University of Waterloo, Canada Sustainability of Mass Timber Construction: Case Studies from Global Cities
9. Damla Durak Usar | Özyeğin University, Turkey Estimation of Static Corporate Sustainability Interactions
10. Daniel Hoornweg | Ontario Technical University, Toronto, Canada Energy and Material Flows of Cities: Past, Present and (Probably) Future
11. Ellen Berrey | University of Toronto, Canada When A Conspiracy Theory Comes to Town: The Policy Impacts of the Right-Wing Populist Movement against Sustainability Planning
12. Evan Bowness | University of British Columbia, Canada Transdisciplinary Visual Sociology: A Methodological Agenda for Social Movement Studies
13. Ian Lipton | The Carbon Accounting Company/Enhanced Sustainability Inc., Toronto, Canada Sustainability: The Transformation of Human Evolution
14. Ijeoma Eteng Emeribe | Woman Africa –International, Abuja, Nigeria Feminized Poverty and the Challenges of Operationalizing Sustainable Development Goal 5 in Nigeria: An NGO Experience
15. Jennifer Summer | University of Toronto, Canada Critical Food Guidance: Eating Toward Meaningful Change
16. Jinlong Liu | Renmin University of China, Beijing, China From State-Controlled to Poly-Centric Governance in Forest Landscape Restoration
17. John Wilson | Solar Village, Toronto, Canada Solar Village
18. Larsson Johan | Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden Challenge Lab – Transformative Learning in Transdisciplinary University-Society Interaction for Navigating Sustainability Transitions
19. McWha Hermann Ishbel | University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom Reward Management in International Non-Government Organizations: A Values-Based Approach
20. Rachel Wang | Evoke Creatives, Toronto The Role of Hip Hop Music in the Environmental Movement
21. Robert Wilson | Nature Conservancy of Canada Conservation of Canada’s Natural Landscapes
22. Ronald Reagan Gyimah | Parliament of Ghana, Ghana Vulnerability to Extreme Heat Events (EHEs) and Its Implication on Population Health in the Global South: Evidence from Urban Ghana
23. Shailendra Tiwari | Seva Mandir, Udaipur (Rajasthan) India Using Gandhian Approach of Satyagraha for Building Grassroots Institutions to Sustain Rural eEology, Livelihood and Governance of Commons
24. Stefan Carpenter | Indiana University, USA Impact of Climate Change on Community-Based Wildlife Governance
25. Vincent Manzerolle | University of Windsor, Canada The Political Economy of Media Streaming: An Analysis of Environmental and Economic Sustainability