Each workshop, about 90 minutes, will provide an opportunity of a deep examination of a specific topic, issue or question which will be led by an experienced facilitator in the field. Each workshop will be highly interactive and will provide participants the opportunity to discuss their own perspectives and experiences.
Title of Workshop Organizer(s)
Carbon Pricing Across Canada Adi Dunkelman | ClearBlue Markets, Toronto
The People Behind the Product: Why Women are Key to a Food Secure Tomorrow Amanda Klarer | Value Chain Enrichment Lead, Marcatus, Toronto
The Three Real Reasons Businesses Want to Fix Climate Change Bob Willard | Author, Speaker and Founder, Sustainability Advantage
Why has corporate sustainability failed to deliver a sustainable business model? What or who has been blocking progress and how can we change it? Brad Zarnett | President of Eco-Opportunity Consulting and Founder of Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS)